Hello, lovelies! It’s been a while, but it feels wonderful to be back. Let’s jump in, shall we?Summer – what an amazing time! I’ve been having a lovely time so far. In this post I’m going to let you know what I’ve been up to.

QUICK NOTE: I was having some issues with logging in/saving things on WordPress, so this is posted about a week late.

1. The Pool Odyssey

Me and my mom/brother went to all the pools where we live this summer! It was a little bit exhausting sometimes, but mostly a lot of fun. I absolutely love swimming! Do you?

2. We went to our friend’s wedding social!

My mom’s friend got married! We got to go to their wedding social with my friend (let’s call her Macy). Macy and I dressed up and hung out and danced. It was awesome!

3. Our cat died.

Sadly, our oldest cat, Natalie, died. She was 22, which is amazingly old for a cat. We miss her a lot but we value the time we had with her.

4. Fall is coming!

I’m so excited for fall, you have no idea. Autumn is my favourite season. It also means Halloween is coming! And Thanksgiving. And eventually Christmas! I’m also waaaay too excited for Christmas. (Fun fact: I listen to Christmas music ALL the time. ALLLL the time.)

5. I got my ears pierced

I’ve wanted to get my ears pierced for about six years now. I hadn’t for a while, but a week ago, I did! Me, my brother, my mom, and my friend Macy all went. It definitely didn’t hurt that much – it feels like a tight pinch. And I love wearing earrings!

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The Summer Tag

Hello, lovelies! Today I will be doing a tag that the wonderful kaitlynrh1 created! (Thank you so much for tagging me, Kaitlyn!) It’s called The Summer Tag, as you can probably tell from the title of this post.


So here are the rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and give the link to their blog.

Nominate five other bloggers to do this tag.

Make up five summer themed questions.  Or you can use the questions the person who nominated you answered.

Do not ask any personal or inappropriate questions.

Please list these rules and the tags logo in your blog post.

Notify the bloggers you nominated and send them a link to your post.

Let’s get started with the questions!

What’s your favourite thing to photograph in summer?

Hmm…dolls or watermelon! 😀

Do you enjoy going to the pool or beach more?

This is really difficult actually! I don’t think I can pick a favourite…I love them both!

What’s your favourite summer treat?

Watermelon and home-made popsicles!

What’s your favourite summer movie?

I don’t actually know.

Would you rather have a summer without Wi-Fi or your camera?

Ooh, this is the hardest one! Probably without my camera?

So here are my questions!

Would you rather take a picture of bubbles or watermelon?

What’s your favourite summery colour?

What’s your favourite part about summer?

Would you rather be inside or outside on a hot summer day?

What is your favourite summer activity?

I tag:

The Director

Mary E.


And you!

Once again, thank you, Kaitlyn!

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Mini Q&A Answers!

Hello, lovelies! So today we have a little mini Q&A. Many thanks to Mary E. and The Director for asking me some really great questions! So let’s start!

Miniature Q&A!

Our first question is from The Director!

How did you come up with the title for your blog?

This is actually a really interesting question that I’ve never really thought of before! When I first started my blog, it was specifically doll-centred. Of course I still absolutely love my dolls (I even have a huge doll-related announcement coming soon!) even though I also post about other things now. When creating my blog, I was thinking about how I could express how much my dolls mean to me and give people a sense of what my posts would be like! I came up with Small Dolls Big Hearts!

Our second question, from The Director:

Why did you start blogging?

This is a tough one because there are so many reasons! I love to write and to share my interests and I thought that having a blog would be super interesting. Dolls are one of my favourite things (along with reading, writing, and cats), so I decided to blog about them. At first, I thought there would be zero doll-blogging community but I soon learned there was, and you’re all awesome! I do it mostly for fun and to interact with all of my awesome internet friends!

Our next question comes from Mary E:

What’s your favourite sport?

Hmmm…being Canadian, I would probably say hockey! I’m not even that good at hockey, but I love watching it and trying to play it! Apparently, I’m really good at football, but it’s actually one of my least favourite sports.

From Mary E:

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

This is definitely the most difficult question! I love almost all aspects of blogging, but mostly YOU GUYS! My second favourite part is probably writing my posts. I enjoy making content for my blog even if I don’t post nearly as much as I should (oops!)!

Our last question, from Mary E:

What’s your favourite thing that you have?

I would say my doll stuff in general! Also, my favourite books. And my cat! And my guinea pig. I love all my things! Ooh, and my nice markers/sketchbook! And all of my many hoodies. Fun fact: I have waaaay too many sweaters. Way too many.

Thank you again, Mary E. and The Director! (Check their blogs out, by the way!)

Bye for now!



Q & A Announcement – Please Ask Me Questions!

Hello, lovelies! Some of you seemed to be interested in a Q&A so I decided to do it! I’m really excited about this. Thusly, please ask me questions! Just please note that any questions that are too personal or that I would rather not answer will not be answered. Thank you! Like I said, I’m really excited to do this!



GIVEAWAY: Bunny Hoodie with Leggings Doll Outfit!

This is an awesome giveaway! And the bunny hoodie is too cute. Check it out!

Lula Boo


Happy National High Five Day! I hope you are all having a good day. 🙂

Today, I’ll be doing a giveaway that is sponsored by the amazing Etsy shop, MomsSecretObsession. The owner, Jody, creates cute customized doll clothes for American Girl dolls! Her outfits are really unique and well made. I’d like to give a HUGE thanks to Jody for agreeing to sponsor this giveaway!!

Are you ready to see what you could win??

All photo credit: MomsSecretObsession

This is the Bunny Hoodie with Leggings doll outfit. It’s so cute! Here’s what Jody has to say about it:

Some bunny loves their doll! The perfect cozy outfit for your 18″ doll! Super cute and soft fleece zippered doll hoodie in bubblegum pink with floppy ears and white chest and tail with a separating zipper! The hood is lined with a super cute printed jersey and the leggings are made of…

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All The Pets + Maybe A Q&A?

So today I’m going to be talking about all of my pets! (Well, most of them are family pets but close enough) In total there are 6 pets. That’s a lot considering we live in the city! I mean, I would get more if we could but sadly not. 😦

So we have our dog, Olivia!


(I couldn’t choose just one picture, hehe)

Olivia is a really sweet dog. She has some weird stuff going on with one of her ears right now, but we’re giving her medication for it so it will go away eventually. All I can say is, the medicine does not smell good. She loves the outdoors! Olivia also loves the guinea pigs because their squeaking noises sound a lot like puppies! She loves pretty much everyone and everything, though. For some reason, she really hates Pomeranians, though.

And our youngest cat, Emmett:


Emmett is our most evil cat. He likes to run around crazily in the morning. And afternoon. And evening. And night. All the time, really. He also likes to harass our other orange cat, Frank. About a week ago Emmett manages to get under our porch even though he’s an indoor cat and then we spent about an hour trying to get him out. Eventually, we did. Eventually.

And then the best cat, Frank (So I may be biased because he’s my cat XD)


Frank loves doll hats, catnip, and selfies as you can see from the pictures above! He’s the sweetest cat of all. He’s also a little overweight. More to love, right? He’s a very soft and fluffy cat who really, really, really, likes to sleep and eat. Those are his favourite things in life. He likes dolls too!

Then Natalie, our oldest cat! She’s TWENTY.


Wow, that picture is bigger than I thought it would be.

Anyway, Natalie is very old! She’s a cute calico cat with a white nose. She mostly just sleeps. And eats wet cat food which smells really awful. Ick.

Then the guinea pigs! We don’t have any pictures of them downloaded yet but I will make sure it gets done. Clementine, my guinea pig is adventurous and sweet. She’s orange with a white diamond on her forehead. Then Cashew, my brother’s guinea pig, is a bit shyer. She’s also a Peruvian guinea pig, meaning she has really long hair! We have to trim it pretty routinely.

There you have it! All the pets! And as the title states, I was thinking about doing a Q&A! If you’re interested in a Q&A, please let me know. 🙂


New Doll Reveal!

So I posted yesterday that I had gotten a new doll! So many of you guessed who she might be, and two of you were right! ( I’ll tell you who was right at the end of this post )

So are you ready? The new doll is…



































Are you ready? Almost there!















I ended up buying her for my birthday gift to myself! She is absolutely adorable. I’m planning on having a review coming pretty soon.

I’ve decided to keep her name. I love the name Luciana and Luci is such a cute nickname. For my birthday I also got her Flight Suit and her Stellar Outfit. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

Anyway, the people who guessed it right were

Hope of AGDollDreams

Bella of Doll Habit

Thank you so much to everyone who guessed!

Bye for now,





So…I Got A New Doll

I know, I know. I have so many already! But I couldn’t resist! Any guesses for who the new doll is? This post is short, sorry! How are you all doing?

I can’t wait to reveal the new doll tomorrow!


Kaitlynrh1’s Giveaway!

Hello, lovelies! Just a quick post today but super exciting: Kaitlyn of Kait’s AG Crafts, My Life As The Daughter Of The True King, and Paws All In is having an awesome giveaway on her doll blog! You guys should definitely go check it out because she has some really cool stuff that she is giving away! So what are you waiting for? Go check it out using this link: LINK!

That’s all for today but I have a SUPER exciting post planned for tomorrow!


New GOTY Luciana Vega

When I saw Luciana Vega for the first time what I thought was….


She’s. So. Cool.

I love so many things about her! Something I absolutely love about her is that she’s a PoC! Yay! AND she’s into STEM. Like, Luciana is pretty much my dream GOTY.

*Please note that all the prices listed on this blog are in Canadian dollars*

And here she is:


Luciana Doll, Book, And Accessories


Her accessories (The backpack, star chart, smart watch, space ice cream, space camp log book, and space camp graduation certificate) are really cool! I especially love the backpack. And the space ice cream is super cool!

Luciana herself is so pretty! I love her side bangs and her purple streak!

Her outfit: I LOVE the boots. They’re so cool! I actually really like the galaxy print on her dress. I kinda wish it wasn’t a dress, but oh well. What are ya gonna do? her belt is kinda meh for me. Her necklaces are pretty. I love how one of them matches her boots!


Luciana’s Maker Station


This is cool, but honestly, it seems pretty pricey to me. I like how Luci has some Lego! Oh, wait it’s…MEGA CONSTRUX. Okay, not Lego. I don’t have a lot to say about this set.


Luciana’s Mars Habitat


OOOOOOOHHHHHH WOOOOOOW. Reeeeeallly expensive, but SOOOO COOL. I mean, LOOK AT IT. Sorry for all the caps. It’s really cool.  Luciana’s big ticket item is, in my opinion, the best AG big ticket item I’ve ever seen. I love this set.


Luciana’s Robotic Dog


This is adorable! Love how the bone is a wrench! I wish it wasn’t pink (I’m just not a pink person) but overall it’s super cute.


Luciana’s Flight Suit


This is so adorable! I love how realistic it is. It looks great on Luci! I just love it!


Luciana’s Stellar Outfit


This is probably my least favourite thing in her collection. It’s okay. Meh.


Luciana’s PJ’s


I love these so much! They’re really soooo cute! And I know this isn’t really related, but her buns in this photo are so adorable!


Luciana’s Space Suit

This is only for AG Rewards members, but woaaaaaah. This is amazing! So realistic. I’m kind of dying just looking at it and wanting it. This is so cool.


Luciana’s Visitor Center Accessories

The shirt. I neeeeeeed the shirt.