all about Marta-Rose


If you will recall, I obtained a Groovy Girl ( see trip to salvation army ), and named her Marta-Rose. I thought it would be fun to do an all about Marta-Rose, so here goes!

Hi! I’m Marta-Rose, but when I was made, my name was Carissa.I’m from Groovy Girls, manufactured in 2003!

My faves:

Animal: Chickadee

Colour: Turquoise

Hobby: Gardening or Swimming

Book: My colouring books!

Food: Spaghetti

Electronic: My Turquoise-coloured tablet!

Season: Summer = pools, right?

Holiday: my birthday or Christmas

Song: any song by Taylor Swift!

My full name is Marta-Rose Carissa Eldridge. Here are the names of the other people in my family:

Mom: Annie

Dad: Harris

Sis: Missy



My Cat: Mrowl McMeowston

I live in Canada, in Quebec city!

my hair: Blonde, Long, Thick, and Straight.

I often wear it in: a ponytail!

My best friends: Paisley Lori Ess, and Tiffany Giselle Rolles!

And that was all about Marta -Rose!

Thanks for lending an ear, Marta -Rose!


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