All Of My Dolls Name Origins

Hi! Today I decided to do something a little different today: all of my dolls name origins! Enough chitchat…………. Let’s do this thing!

Saila: This was the name she came with and I liked it so I decided to keep it ; it is the same thing with Brianne and Jenna

Skye: Skye was my first doll I got to name, so of course I named her after one of the characters in a book I love, the Penderwicks! ( totally recommended )

Meadow: Meadow was a whole different story altogether. I actually renamed her from the name Charlsea ( Charl-see ) Because I did not really like the name. It took a bit of searching but I finally found Meadow, the name that I Loved with a capital L!

I also really like the names Whimsy, Zinnia, Sadie, Violet, Athena, and Ginny ( Harry Potter geek )

Signing off for now, Small Dolls Big Hearts


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