Hi! And thanks for reading this from me and all of my dolls: Brianne, Saila ,Jenna, Skye, and Meadow, my newest doll.

I got my first doll, Brianne, when I was (according to my Mom’s records) three!  Brianne is a Maplelea doll, which is a Canadian doll manufacturing company.  Maplelea makes 18 inch dolls, so they are basically the Canadian version of American Girl.  She is pretty old, and a little fragile, as a result of falling out of a bunk bed, and her hair is fairly frizzy, so you may not see her in as many of my blog posts as the other dolls,  But she is loved just as much as my other dolls. Saila was my second doll, also a Maplelea doll; Jenna and Meadow are also produced by Maplelea, but I renamed Meadow (her original name was Charlsea).  Skye is my only American Girl ( so far) and I got her when I was in Vancouver for a month. We were visiting my uncle, and he bought her for me for my birthday present, and I pierced her ears. So far, that is all of my dolls, but I plan to get another one sometime in April!


This photo shows, from left to right, Jenna, Skye, Saila and Brianne (sorry this photo is missing Meadow, as she is so recent but I will try to upload a photo of her soon).

Thanks again, the gals at small dolls big hearts.


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