I’m back!

Hi! I’m back! Sorry I was gone for so long, as explained in my Update and more post I was at my cottage. Good news! My mom said that tomorrow she would take me to a Thrift Store of my choice, so there is that. I said that I would tell you what I named my newest Groovy Girls, and here it is!: I decided to name the girl one Ariana ( big harry potter geek posting here ) Renee Harrison, and the boy I actually kept his name being Samuel and his middle name and last name are Perry and Roland so he is Samuel Perry Roland. I am so sorry that I have not told you what I got at the clothing swap yet (to cut up) but I will tel you now : I got a little pair of shorts that are pink with hearts and ladybugs on them, another pair of shorts with tropical flowers and monkeys on them, a cute little hearts & horses shirt, and another pair of shorts with ladybugs and strawberries on them. It was a pretty good haul! I promise my first PHOTOSTORY next week!

Bye, the “editor” of Small Dolls Big Hearts!


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