Quick Post


As promised, this is the blog post where I tell you about a clothing swap I went to!

We stayed there for quite a while, I got lots of awesome goodies and clothes for myself!

As I said, I looked for clothes to cut up and turn into doll stuff, and while I did not find a lot,

I did find some, mostly kids stuff. I’ll tell you exactly what I got for my dollies tomorrow,

but here is the exciting news: I found two new Groovy Girls there! One is not a Groovy

GIRL, he is I guess, a Groovy Boy! They are Samuel and Shika, but i’m going to rename them.

They are both from 2001! I am just blown away by this! So old, and to find them in a clothing

swap is remarkable! I am super impressed, as they are in really good shape! As you can probably

tell, I am sooooo excited. (sorry about all the ranting and raving) I’ll also tell you what I

decide to name them tomorrow!

Signing off for now, The several dollies at Small Dolls Big Hearts!


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