my first photostory

Hey ya’ll! I am doing my first photostory! It is really exciting for me, here it is!

20151002_193537090_iOS Saila is waiting for the girls to come home from their annual shop-a-thon when……….

20151002_193609684_iOS Ding-Dong! Saila: Oh! that must be the girls! I hope they got my cumin for tonight’s dinner.

20151002_193623764_iOSJenna: hey Saila! Want a sandwich?

20151002_193633215_iOSSaila: of for crying out loud. How many sandwiches is that??

20151002_193641554_iOSJenna: um lessee here. One………..two………..

20151002_193656642_iOSJenna: five, I think. Want one?

20151002_193707349_iOSSaila: NO! Did you at least get my cumin?

20151002_193739257_iOSJenna: whaaaaaaat? Is that some kind of bilingual dictionary?

20151002_193748543_iOSSaila: no it’s…………… never mind! I’ll ask Brianne.

20151002_193817437_iOS( sorry this is a bad photo) Saila: Brianne did you get my cumin…….UGH!

20151002_193823470_iOSBrianne: okay, so what? I took my normal route……….

20151002_193834418_iOSSaila: to accessories ” R ” us!

20151002_193839493_iOSBrianne: do you at least like my bracelet?

20151002_193844799_iOS( Close-up of bracelet )

20151002_193851010_iOSSaila: yes actually…………Wait! I’ll ask Skye!

20151002_193917205_iOSSaila: Skye did you get my cumin? OH MY GOODNESS!

20151002_193923812_iOS Skye: my favourite store was having a dress sale okay?

20151002_193934849_iOSSaila: do you have ANY IDEA how much that cost?

20151002_193923812_iOS Skye: actually, yes, five hundred and…..

20151002_193950445_iOSSaila: forget it! I can’t believe I live with you people!!!

I hope you liked my first photostory! The girls and Samuel at Smalldolsbighearts!


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