News And Other Fun Stuff

Hi all you guys! I bring the news that I am going to the thrift store today! I probably will only be able to tell you about it tomorrow but at least we are going. I’m really excited for christmas. It is coming sooner than you would think! My brother’s birthday is on Friday, so I may not get anything on the blog on that day. Here is a random pic of sweet Meadow.

20151013_180646827_iOSCute as a Cupcake!

Today all my dolls slept in so right now, i’m listening to Skye snore. How graceful. ( side note ) Only Skye, Jenna, Brianne, and Meadow slept in actually, Saila got up.

And, as usual, I forgot to tell you about the two little doll-sized goodies I got at a thrift store right before my piano lessons! Only me and my mom went in, but I did manage to find a cuuuuuute little metal basket with fake jewels on the sides ( pics soon! ) and even though it is not going to be for my dolls, I thought I might as well mention it, because it fits them. It is a tiny little stuffed horse that is like a fair trade item. It is meant more for decoration than to play with, but my dolls can fit on it. I got it for three dollars and the little basket was a dollar fifty. And now I will tell you how and why I got it : we were browsing around, when I spotted the horse and showed it to my mom. She said it was really cute and she really liked it, but she decided not to get it. I ended up getting it because ( tragic story inserted here ) when I was little I had a giraffe like it, and then it was overstuffed and burst. It was tragic.

Later, The girls at small dolls big hearts!


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