More about my newest Groovy Girl

Hi! So last time I did a post I told you that I would do a post about my newest Groovy Girl doll! And here it is! By the way, as I type this, it is my brother’s birthday, and there are three girls crowded around me, watching me blog. Say hi guys! Anyway she is from 2010, and her name is originally Tessa, but I named her Andrea Lorelei Mint. She has pink highlights in her hair and her hair is a really pretty red. She has BEAUTIFUL turquoise-y eyes. and came without a shirt. Her pants are pink and her shoes have flowers on them. I did not think I was going to find a Groovy Girl, as it was the last thrift store we went to, and it is pretty teeny, but I was surprised. My mom found her for me. ( thanks mom! ) My guest star ( she’d like to be called QueenCake for internet safety) QueenCake is here with me today, and she helped me with this post! Thanks QueenCake!

Love, the gals at small dolls big hearts!


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