Meadow’s Musings

Hi all you gals out there! This is Meadow and i’m sooo excited to finally have my own “channel”  on this blog that i’ve been begging mom for a loooooong time! My sisters are going to have their own “channels” on this blog too, but as not to spring the surprises that are rightfully theirs, I’ll say no more. So! Welcome to Meadow’s Musings. Right now I’m drinking my favourite flavour of tea, liquorice! Mmmm. How I love tea. My doll, Julie, ( but I call her Annabeth, from my favourite book, the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordian. He is a fabulous writer! ) is here too, and i’m going to give her a little section on Meadow’s Musings called Annabeth’s Advice. Here is her first post on the ol’ blog:

Hey guys! Annabeth here, from Annabeth’s Advice. Here is my little news section of everything. I hope you enjoy:

Tomorrow the weather is going to be sunny and warm. ( at least as warm as it gets in November ) Yay! Mom’s parents are going to be taking down the trampoline, and it is also national Cappuccino, Harvey Wallbanger, Parents as Teachers, and STEM/STEAM day. ( personally my fave is Cappuccino day )

This is Annabeth from Annabeth’s Advice, signing off.

Meadow back! How did you like Annabeth’s segment? I liked it! For christmas I really want a new Rick Riordian book. Have you read the Rick Riordian books? If you like Harry Potter and greek gods, then you should totally try them!

Bye, Meadow! 🙂


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