My thoughts on some American Girl items

Hi guys! Today I thought it would be fun to do some of my thoughts on some AG items, some I really like, and some I really don’t! So let’s get started.

Historical dolls:

Julie: I really like her hair, and not having the feathered eyebrows like most of the dolls do is  something that really makes her stand out from the crowd.

Maryellen: I have to say the name Maryellen is not my favourite. I am not really excited about this doll, maybe because she looks a lot like Skye. Loving the poodle dress though!

Josefina: She is a cutie! I am probably not going to be tempted to add her to my collection anytime soon but I love how her face is, and she definitely reflects a spanish vibe!

Samantha: Ah, sweet sam! I love Samantha’s hair and how she just looks oh-so-sweet! Her outfits are so cute and I would wear them any day.

Kit: Kit is beautiful! I think her bob and blue eyes look so cute. I am definitely drawn to her freckles and I think that AG did a wonderful job on Kit!

Kaya: Her toddler-looking face is simply adorable and I really enjoyed her books. I do think though that, if I ever got her I would be afraid to take out her braids and that may decrease the play value a bit.

Rebecca: I love, love Rebecca! Next time I get an AG I may be driven to buy her but I think I would probably rename her as the name Rebecca has never been my favourite.

Addy: I really love Addy’s stories and what a sweet face! If I ever got her though, I would probably change her name and modernize her a bit.

Here are some of my Truly Me faves:


Number 62

Number 44

Number 60

and Number 37


Playful Polar Bear pj’s

Warm Winter outfit

Cool Coral outfit

Bee Myself outfit

Recess Ready outfit

Sparkle Sweater outfit

Bright Stripes outfit

School Stripes outfit

Starry Hoodie outfit

Double Bow dress

and that is the stuff I like! Now onto the items that did not hit the “good list” this year ( hehe )


Numbers 24, 13, and 21


Sparkly Jazz outfit

Shimmer & Lace party dress

Boho Beachy swimsuit

Sunshine Garden outfit

Pretty Pink outfit

And those were some of my thoughts on the new ( and old, in the historical section ) AG stuff! I hope you enjoyed!

Small Dolls Big Hearts


2 thoughts on “My thoughts on some American Girl items

  1. I figured out the comments! If you click on the title of the blog post, you can find the comment section at the bottom to leave a comment! Nice work so far.


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