Brianne’s Bulletins

Hi, it’s Brianne! This is my little section on Small Dolls Big Hearts. And it is all thanks to Meadow, really. She has been begging mom for a spot on this blog for FOREVER. LITERALLY. WELL, ALMOST FOREVER.  It got really annoying. Thank goodness mom finally said yes. We were getting a little frantic there. Well, if you have read Meadow’s Musings then you’ll know that she lets her doll, Annabeth, have a little segment on her occasional posts, so I asked her if I could copycat her and do the same. And she said yes! So I bring you Selina’s Segments! ( Selina is my Addy doll that I renamed. Her full name is Selina Addy McGee. All of the girls, including me, have a tendency to rename our dolls ) Here we go!

Hey, and welcome to Selina’s Segment’s. Today we are going to be discussing pencil sharpeners. I have a guest star, Annabeth Deeley here with me.You may recognize her name from Meadow’s Musing’s were she has her own segment, Annabeth’s Advice.

Selina: ” So what do you think of pencil sharpeners, and the role they play in our modern economy?”

Annabeth: “Well I think they can be very useful at times. That being said, I also believe that they could be far less clunky, and much more colourful.”

Selina: ” I agree with you on that they could be far less clunky and heavy, but why would being more colourful help, may I ask?”

Annabeth: ” Why would it help? Why would it HELP?( screeching ) EVERYTHING IS HELPFUL IN COLOURFUL COLOUR!!!!!

Selina: “Ummm…. okay.( slightly unnerved ) And this is Selina, saying goodbye!

Brianne is back! So, while I was gone, I got reeeeally hungry, so I went and got a ham sandwich, which was really good but also made me really hungry, so I went and got another ham sandwich which was really good but made me really……….


Huh? Oh, uh……hehe. Was I talking about ham sandwiches this whole time? “Yes.” why didn’t you stop me???????

Small Dolls Big Hearts


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