Hi gals! Today I was going to mention all of the little sections here on small dolls big hearts!

My dolls each have their own place on this blog……

Brianne: Brianne’s Bulletins

Saila: Saila’s Scoops ( coming soon! )

Jenna: Jenna’s Jots

Skye: Skye’s  Staples

Meadow: Meadow’s Musings

and if I get another doll in April as I plan to, ( SQUEEE! ) then if I name her Zinnia, She’ll have Zinnia’s Zanies! If I get an AG and it is Girl Of The Year 2016 ( SPOILER ALERT!!!!! ), Whose name will be Lea Clark ( but I will probably end up renaming her something like Sparrow or Willow ), Then, if I keep it at Lea then she’ll have Lea’s Lop-ears , because she will LOVE rabbits.( Lop-eared rabbits ) This has been a quick post but thanks for listening!


SDBG gals


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