Hamster news & some doll stuff

Hi guys! My brother ( who would like to be called AwesomeSauce9000 ) is here with me today! He picked this colour of font for me today. He would like to share some exciting news with you guys: He got a hamster from my parents for his birthday, which I mentioned in one blog post. He named his hamster Mr. Waffles. He is so cute!!!!!! I think he is super sweet. : ) He is going to post for a second ( my brother, not the hamster ) : hhhhhheeeeeeeelllllllllooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to bring my hamster here but my sister said i could not 😦 he is so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye!

Yup. And that was a 8-year-old typing! Side note: I have no control over what he was typing, and i’m sorry for the slight mistakes where he didn’t put a capital after a punctuation mark, but he is only 8, and I think he did a great job! For the doll news mentioned in the title, I am going to be saving up my money all the way till sometime near the end of spring! ( I get 6 dollars a week ) And hopefully I might have enough money to get a new doll! Now, I know what you’re thinking: But you already said that you’re getting a doll in April! Okay I said that, but at the end of April we’ll have just finished a thingie that weare doing for three months in which we do not spend any money for all of the three whole months!!!! We got this idea from a book that I think is called Living The Good Life by Linda Cockburn. This is sign off for now!


The SDBG gals


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