Meet My Groovy Girls

Okay, so I know you’ve been waiting a loooong time for pictures of my Groovy Girls. And here they are! ( Sorry, no pictures of Andrea yet. ) I took some photos of Samuel and Libby together because they are siblings, in case you were wondering……

20151030_042938238_iOS Samuel and Libby. Aren’t Libby’s flyaway bangs cute?

20151030_042718130_iOSSamuel. Sorry about the no shirt, it’s a work in progress.

20151030_042650965_iOSLibby’s ADORABLE purple side braid!


20151030_042625031_iOSThis is how much hair Marta-Rose has since it was in four braids. It is a LOT of hair!

20151030_042617771_iOSMore Marta-Rose. She looks so relaxed!

20151030_042509667_iOSA close-up of Ariana’s mouth. I’m not sure how well it shows up on the computer, but around her mouth it kinda looks like she’s got a little bit of a black smudge there.

20151030_042504935_iOSI love Ariana’s boots!

And that was my Groovy Girls! I hope you enjoyed!

The SDBG gals


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