All About Andrea Mint

Hi girls! So, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I got another Groovy Girl! She was a Tessa doll and she is from 2010. I bought her for $3.00 at a thrift store! Okay, so I like to make characters for my dolls, and Andrea was no exception! Here it is:

Hi guys! I’m Andrea!

My Faves:

Animal: Lizards!!!!


Hobby: Designing Clothes : )

Book: Nancy Drew

Food: Cake! ( : ) )

Electronic: My MP3

Season: Winter, surprisingly

Holiday: Halloween!!!

Song: I LOOOOOVE the song ” Renegade ” by X Ambassadors!

My full name is Andrea Lorelei Mint ( yep, Mint is my last name! ) Here are the names of the other people in my family :

Mom: Elena Doris Mint

Dad: Jay Ellis Mint

Sis: Fiona Analise Mint

Bro: Hansel Phil Mint

Pets: Dog, dog, dog, dog,dog!

I live in Canada, in Yellowknife!

My Hair: Pink, Red, Long, and Wavy

I Often Wear It In: Just down along my back

My Best Friends: Fiona and Hansel!

That was Me! Thanks for listening!



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