Christmas Cheer!

Hi! So, as we all probably know, the holidays ( Namely CHRISTMAS! ) are coming up! I wanted to do something Christmas-y besides just playing “We Three Kings Of Orient”, “Jingle Bells”, “He Is Born The Heavenly Child”, and “Angels We Have Heard On High”( To name a few ) on the piano, so I decided to decorate my doll room for Christmas! Today before my piano lesson we stopped at a thrift store and I found a little NUTCRACKER! How perfect is that? He wasn’t even a tree ornament either! I also found an ADOLLABLE snow globe for my dolls there, and together the price was only 78 cents! I am ecstatic! My mom let me use a little sewed christmas tree that is just their size. It really put the room together! I added a little doll-sized picture frame that I just stuck a bow on, so it ended up looking 3-D, and on a little dresser-thingy I put a gingerbread house tin that I got at a garage sale in a free bucket. The only downside is that I now have to wrap TWENTY-FIVE gifts! My dolls have been reading Samantha’s Surprise, Addy’s Surprise, Molly’s Surprise, and Josefina’s Surprise.( All the AG Xmas-themed books we have )





the SDBG gals


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