How I Got My Dolls! Yay!

So. Five dolls, one girl, and her imagination. Now somewhere I know there must be someone reading my blog thinking “Okay but how did she get those dolls?” I decided to answer that cry of help! ( triumphant music ) Aaaaaanyway. We’ll go in the order I got them in. Yay!


Brianne was my first doll, and I saw her when I opened my “Chirp” magazine when I was about three. It was love at first sight! I desperately wanted her, and I guess since my mom saw how much I wanted her, because on christmas day my dreams came true! I don’t remember much ( I was three! ), but I knew that I loved her. And so my collection grew.


I bought Saila with my own money, that I had saved by myself. She was quite new in the Maplelea line at the time, and I loved her dark skin and soft, sweet-looking brown eyes. I remember, after having just received money from my grandparents, I asked my mom ” can I buy her now?” when my mom said yes, I felt like jumping with joy!


Jenna’s red hair and green eyes had always drawn me, but I had to get Saila when she came out, and I kinda forgot about poor Jenna! I bought Jenna myself, and I remember tracking her order. But when she was supposed to arrive, she was still far away! I cried, but when I got her I was so happy, and it was so worth the wait!


I got Skye whilst in B.C. when we were on vacation, and it is a rather odd story. See, my uncle hadn’t gotten my B-day present for me yet, and when he suggested that we go to the AG boutique, I was excited! I thought that maybe I would get an outfit for my dolls. I was so wrong! I came over to my mom and uncle after looking around for awhile. Then my uncle said “which one do you want?” Eventually I chose Skye, because she was so pretty!


coming soon!




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