My Dolls’ Middle Names

Okay! So today I was going to tell you guys all of my dolls’ middle names ( woooooooooo! How scaaaaaary! ) I made these up but I really like them and I hope you will too!


Brianne’s middle name is Karen! So her name is Brianne Karen Kovac! ( Kovac, because she is Ukrainian! )



Saila’s middle name is Tikaani! It means “wolf” in Inuit, and it is her middle name because she is Inuit. Her full name is Saila Tikaani Qilavvaq


My name is Jenna Margaret McAllister, but if I could change it, i’d be Fiona!


Skye’s middle names are Lavender and Amelia! Her full name is Skye Lavender Amelia Baxter!


Meadow’s middle names are Victoria and Charlsea! Her name is Meadow Victoria Charlsea Woodhouse.


The SDBG gals


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