Um….. I don’t know what to call this post.

Hi! Sorry I’ve been absent for awhile, but it’s been SO CRAZY! I just couldn’t find the time do a new post! So, sorry about that. Today we went to Costco, and they were out of big boxes! Wow, they must have had a lot of people coming in. We got some small boxes though, which I’m going to use to make rooms for my Groovy Girls. And, in other Groovy Girl news, we went to a thrift shop, and I found another one! She is a Karly doll from 2001, but I renamed her Kyrielle ( Keer-ee-ell ) . She is my first dark-skinned Groovy Girl, she has a magenta highlight in her hair, and she’s sooooo pretty! She came with her shirt, and I’m happy about that. Her is her profile:

Age: 10 and a half

Favourite Colour: Soft violet

Hobby: Violin

Full Name: Kyrielle Ember Wilson

Family: Adrienne Quinn Wilson ( Mom ), Maxwell Duncan Wilson ( Dad )

Favourite Book: Anne Of Green Gables

Heritage: Kyrielle is adopted, but her biological mother is from Africa. She was born in South Carolina and was adopted when she was three!

Pet: Kyrielle owns four rats! Belzy, Camilla, Winfandel, and Sparklzee!

Favourite Game: Dixit

Favourite Food: Seafood, especially shrimp!

Favourite Animal: Zebras and Rats

Favourite Word: Fizzlesticks!

Idol: James Ehnes

There! Do you like it? I also enjoy Anne Of Green Gables, but right now, my favourite book is I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai with Patricia McCormick. Malala is really amazing, and so inspiring. Oh, and if you search “Malala” on Google you get 16,600,000 results. Yow.




See Ya For Now,

The SDBG gals


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