Thrift Store Finds

Hi! So, today was my last art class until 2016 ( Boohoohoo! ) and to celebrate ( Or make me feel better ) we headed over to a Value Village and a Salvation Army. At the Value Village we found some books, but at the Salvation Army everything was 50% off, and guess what I found? One cute little Beanie Boo turtle ( Named Shelby ), a little Webkinz miniature Zum, perfect for my dolls, and a Maddie Hatter Ever After High doll! ( Fun Fact: “Maddie” is my first Barbie-like doll! ) She cost a dollar, so she was actually just 50 cents! She is missing her tights, shoes, earrings, headband, necklace, ring, key, and bookmark, but she’s wearing her oh-so-cute dress, so I don’t care. ( Also, seriously, she was 50 cents ) I made her a little character and everything and I just had to show it to you guys so……..

Pet: One dragon named Worlin, and one horse named Candella

Family: Aunt Larkin, Bless ( Mom ), and Arnie ( Dad ), and Worlin and Candella

Favourite Colour: Purple & Blue!

Favourite Book: The Wind In The Willows

Where I Live: The Land Of Nod, or TLON

Heritage: I’m British, but we moved to Nod when I was born.

Middle Name: Crimsoncrisp!

Favourite Food: TEA TEA TEA TEA!

Favourite Game: Hide-And-Go-Seek!

Favourite Word: TEA TEA TEA TEA!

Idol: uh…….Oh! TEA TEA TEA TEA!

Full Name: Silvie Crimsoncrisp Dream!

Hobby: Making up new tea flavours!

Age:   11

Personality: Outdoorsy, Tea-Loving, Shy, And ALWAYS happy!



Thanks For Listening,

The SDBG gals


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