Reporter Saila Q. on….Christmas!

Hello! It’s Saila, and first may I say that mom is SO SORRY she hasn’t been posting any pics lately. Seriously, she’s been worrying all week. But, now that that’s done and over with, we can get down to the fun bit…………………CHRISTMAS! Can I get a YAY! ? I’m super excited for so many things like:

  • Meadow waking up on her first Xmas with us!
  • Baking cookies with my sisters
  • opening presents
  • come to think of it, it’s Jenna’s and Skye’s first Xmas’s with us too.
  • watching “how the grinch stole christmas” with my sisters
  • setting out Santa’s milk and cookies
  • reading christmas books

and so much more! There is just so much to look forward to in the holiday season, it’s so hard to name it all. I am just so thankful that me and my sisters are safe and together, and that we have a roof over our heads. It is hard to believe, though that I have four sisters. When I moved here there was only Brianne to hang out with. Then arrived Jenna, and Skye came to us by surprise. Lastly, Meadow came to stay! speaking of Brianne, this will mean that this is her SIXTH christmas with mom. I cannot believe she’s been here for that long! That concludes my Xmas post for now, thanks for listening.


Have A Holly Jolly Christmas!

The SDBG gals


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