Hi! So, tomorrow my family ( The human’s family, not my dolls’, they already have theirs up ) is putting up our Xmas tree! Yay! It has always seemed more christmas-y with the tree up. I hope we can go to some thrift stores soon, as I’ve got  almost 10 dollars. ( And believe you me, you can get a lot with that at a thrift store ) Nothing really exciting is coming up in my doll world right now, but I just realized that my poor Libby doesn’t have a profile yet! So, I guess that’s what I’m doing tonight. Here goes!

Full name: Libby Flora Rowland

Type: Groovy Girl

Birthday: April 11th

My Faves:

Song: anything that ISN’T heavy metal!

Colour: purple

Animal: do mermaids count?

Book: Nancy Drew

Plant: begonias


Okay, now to some other random stuff:

Family: Samuel Perry Rowland ( Brother ), Albert Richard Rowland ( Dad ), and Monica Stirling ( Mom ), Danika Maya-Lynn Rowland ( Sister ), Amelina Kaytie Rowland ( Sister ), Brynn Trini Rowland ( sister )

Pet/s : a goldfish. And a gerbil.

Okay, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed!





The SDBG gals


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