My New Groovy Girls!

Hi! So as mentioned we went to some thrift stores one or two days ago ( Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, my internet was REALLY wonky! ) and at the first one I motored almost directly to the toys section. Sure enough, I found two Groovy Girls waiting for me! I was really excited, because I found them together for just $5.00! The original names were Oki and Danika. We kept the name Danika but I didn’t like Oki so we named her Kishiko which means “child of the sea”. Her last name is Lantern, so her name is like “sea lantern” or “jellyfish”! Danika is Samuel’s twin and Libby’s sister. At the second Thrift Store I didn’t find anything, but I love Kishiko and Danika!




The SDBG gals


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