My AG books!

Today I thought it would be fun to tell you guys what is in my ( very long ) list of American Girl books. We’ll start with the historical books. In terms of the Molly collection, I have all of them. That means, I have:

  • Meet Molly
  • Molly learns a lesson
  • Molly’s surprise
  • Happy Birthday, Molly!
  • Molly saves the day
  • and, last but not least, Changes for Molly!

My comments on the Molly series? They are a lot of fun to read, and Molly has a fun personality. In my opinion, it really is too bad that American Girl retired Molly, as she us such a great addition to the historical series.


Once again, I have all of them! That means I have:

  • Meet Kaya
  • Kaya’s Escape!
  • Kaya’s Hero
  • Kaya And Lone Dog
  • Kaya Shows The Way
  • and, Changes For Kaya

Thoughts? I love Kaya’s books, and she is, in my opinion, much braver than most of the other historical dolls. I love how her sister, Speaking Rain, is blind, and her horses are adorable! Kaya is also a super cute doll.


I only have two of the Felicity books, but I really love Felicity!

  • Meet Felicity
  • Felicity Learns A Lesson

I love, love, love Felicity! I also love, love, love red-heads, so for me it’s quite a shame she was discontinued.


I have three Samantha books, and they are all wonderful! My favourite is the Christmas one.

  • Meet Samantha
  • Samantha Learns A Lesson
  • Samantha’s Surprise

Samantha is so sweet! I am so happy AG brought her back, I love her spunky spirit!


I have all but one of the Addy books. Addy’s books are probably my favourite out of all of my AG books!

  • Meet Addy
  • Addy Learns A Lesson
  • Addy’s Surprise
  • Happy Birthday Addy!
  • Changes For Addy

Addy is, well……….AMAZING! She reminds me sort of of Kaya, who is also a fave of mine.


I only have two Josefina books, but I love her! Mexico sounds amazing, I’d love to go there someday!

  • Meet Josefina
  • Josefina’s Surprise

Wow, she’s cool!  Having three sisters would be pretty annoying at times, though.


Only one!

  • Meet Caroline



  • Meet Julie
  • Good Luck, Ivy


Only two!

  • Meet Kirsten
  • ( I forget what it’s called, but it’s a Kirsten mystery )

GOTY books:

  • Saige
  • Aloha, Kanani

And so far, that’s it! Tomorrow I’ll tell you about finding Merida at the thrift store!




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