Meet Bearnard and Merida!

As mentioned, I’m doing a post about my Merida barbie-style doll. I’ve always liked Merida the best out of all the Disney Princesses because she’s the only one who reflects even a TINY BIT of tomboy-ish nature. A few days ago we walked to a thrift store and I was checking out the toy section skimming it for Groovy Girls. Then, I saw Merida. HER EYES ARE AMAZING! They are blue-grey with a bit of gold, and her red curly-so-bouncy hair is adorable! She has freckles too, and cute ears with an impish smile. Her face is so cute, I love it to say the least. More on her tomorrow. On to Bearnard ( Bare-nard )! Bearnard is a SUPER-CUTE quilted stuffed bear. He looks homemade, and whoever owned him before me ( Bearnard was another Thrift Store find ) took really good care of him. He still has a ribbon on his neck,( And it isn’t sewn on! ) no rips, no stains, I love him! His full name is Bearnard Edward Teggle the Third. ( Edward because he reminded me of Edward Tulane ) Tomorrow I’ll tell you guys about the other AWESOME find I got yesterday.





The SDBG gals


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