Thrift Store News & Kishiko’s Profile

Hi! So today I decided I would do Kishiko’s profile since I still have to do her and Danika’s. Here we go! My Groovy Kishiko is very happy I’m doing hers!

Kishiko Watermelon Lantern

Hobby: Making Smoothies!

Family: Maya Erico ( mom ), Wilbert Lantern ( dad ), and Kami Tangy Sweet Lantern.

Birthday: April 6th


Food: Watermelon, of course!

Song: “Hello” by Adele

Animal: Foxes!

Pet/s: Three Cats, Wilmaline, Anika, and Fred!

Book: Nancy Drew Books

Colour: Pink and Green!


We’re also going to a thrift store or two today, so I’ll keep my eyes open! Also at the thrift store we went to a few days ago, I found a doll-sized hanging chair for $3.00! Yay!

That’s all for now,

The SDBG gals


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