Meet Araminta!

So, as from the title, you can tell we have a new addition. but she’s not a doll! She is a pug. Skye’s pug. And her name, is Araminta. Skye had a pug back in Dallas, Texas, but when she moved here, she had to leave her pug dog at home. She really missed having a little friend, so Jenna, Saila, Brianne, and Meadow pooled their money and bought her a pug! How sweet is that?  ( They didn’t give her Araminta on Xmas because they thought that the poor girl might be a little overwhelmed because of all the Xmas cheer, so they gave her some time to settle in ) Minta is so cute, and I have to thank my great-aunt for that, because she got me my pom-pom puppies craft set, and they have been awesome! Thanks, great-aunt! The thrift stores we went to yesterday were bearing nothing doll-related. BUT CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!




The SDBG gals


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