My Gosh, Tomorrow Is Christmas!

Well, as the title states, tomorrow is Christmas. Usually, I’m excited days in advance. But I guess you could say I was totally unprepared for this post, because I didn’t very much realize how close Christmas really was until I woke up this morning. ( Oh well. ) Besides, of course, oh, I don’t know, PRESENTS, my uncle, ( who will go by Moriarty, because he sounds like Moriarty from the show Sherlock. ) is also coming tomorrow! Yay! ( he lives in B.C. )  On a Groovy Girl note, I bought some stuff off Kijiji ( did I spell that right? ) so my Groovy Girls now have a bed. I wonder if they’ll fight over it! Me and my mom  ( Thanks, mom! ) also made a house for Libby Flora and Danika, whom I will do a profile on soon!

Merry Christmas Eve,

the SDBG gals


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