Happy Boxing Day & Meet Ginny!

Okay, first of all Happy Boxing day. Second of all, you must be wondering who Ginny is. Ginny ( her name is really Ginevra, but she goes generally by Ginny. ) is my new Maplelea doll, who was renamed from Taryn! My Mom and Dad got her for me for Xmas. Thanks so much Mom and dad! Ginny is a slightly introverted girl, but when you get to know her, she is a bit dramatic, an action-and-adventure-lover, and a verocious reader. She loves Harry Potter books, which she was named after. Her full name is Ginevra Willow Brady.

Fun Facts:

I almost named her Clara, but her little sister is named Claire.

Her mini doll is Caroline, which I got on the same day as her! Thanks Gramma and Grampa!

Ginny owns a dog named Boulder, because he’s a giant Bernese Mountain dog!

On Xmas day, I opened her last out of all the presents at my house.


Shellfish, and Kiwi Fruit.

I hope you had a great Xmas full of family, awesome presents, and lots of joy!



the SDBG gals


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