Meet Whimsy AND Seraphina!

Well, another yet another year begins. And, of course a new year means new dolls!IMG_5937

But, before we get down to that, here’s a flashback photo from a year ago!


We’ll do Whimsy first…….


Kijiji: where all dreams come true!

And, really, I owe it all to my mom!

She was browsing Kijiji because she was bored and saw two Maplelea dolls,( Whimsy was originally a Leonie doll ) so she called me from the basement where I was losing horribly at video games ( sigh ). When I saw the ad, I said “can we e-mail her?”
( her being the lady selling the dolls, not Whimsy! )20151227_232012374_iOS - Copy

And, clearly, as shown above, that worked out for us! Isn’t she pretty? And, no, before you ask, that is NOT the outfit she came in.

  • Shirt: Maplelea, Saila’s  meet outfit shirt
  • Skirt: my mom made it!
  • Roller Skates: My Life As Walmart brand
  • Glasses: Springfield brand
  • Hat: unknown


Now, before we let Miss Baxter ( She’s Skye’s sister ) steal the spot light, let’s take a look at Miss Seraphina Emily Norton! Seraphina was a thrift store Our Generation doll, found for $5.00! $5.00! Here she is:

20160101_230649210_iOS - Copy - Copy

She’s super pretty, too! Here is a little review on my particular doll, which, keep in mind, was a thrift store find, so this is just my doll’s condition.

20160101_230827523_iOS - Copy - Copy - Copy

It is really hard to see, but in this photo, on the arm closest to the camera, there is a little smudge.

20160101_230821963_iOS - Copy - Copy - Copy

It is STILL hard to see in Zoom-in. Ug!

20160101_230735982_iOS - Copy - Copy

And her hair! It is surprisingly soft!

20160101_230737915_iOS - Copy - Copy - Copy

SPROING! That is all for now!

The SDBG gals





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