Say hello to Magpie, Eliza, and Amelina!

Wow. That’s a LOT of saying hello to do. Oh, plus I forgot to put Fenia in the title. Whoops. ( Fenia=Groovy Girl ) We’ll start with Magpie and Eliza ( but they go by Mags or Maggie and Liza ) who are Frozen Barbie-style dolls. ( sorry, no pics yet. ) They both came in their full outfits, the ones they are wearing in the movie. We’ll start with Magpie who was originally Auna ( Yes, I know it’s supposed to be spelled Anna, but I spell it Auna. I don’t know why. ). First off, I love her hair! The shade of orange is really pretty, and I like how they put a white streak in her hair, just like how it is in the movie! She also even came with her cape, and she still had the bands around her braids  ( which I kept in ) and her wrists, which I suspect means she was maybe an unwanted Xmas gift. ( also, on Eliza I found a plastic circle around her waist, which was probably a stand inside the box ) I really like her outfit, and her side- glancing eyes are so adorable. Onto Eliza! Eliza, who used to be Elsa ( you know how Eliza sorta sounds like Elsa? The reason would be because I wanted her name to be like Elsa, with a twist! ) is so pretty! Some of the details I like are her tinged red ears and nose, giving the effect that she might be a little cold, Her BEAUTIFUL dress, and her cool haircut! I could go on and on, but I must move on. So, I guess that’s Amelina’s cue! Amelina is a Groovy Girl, who also might’ve been a Xmas reject. She came with a code-thingy on her arm for some online game, and a ROCKIN party dress. Her shoes are a pretty blue, and they’re ballerina-style shoes, too. Her leggings are cool too! Her hair is yarn, but I would have to guess that there is some kind of gel in it, because It’s REALLY hard, and also really curly, so, yeah………..

ANYWAY! We’ll have to do Fenia tomorrow, I am so tired! Sorry Fenia.

The SDBG gals



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