Rebecca settles in & a tale of four groovies

Rebecca has been settling in nicely, and it turns out that she knew Skye from the store ( who knew! )


*Blip!* “Look! Look! MEEEEEE!” ( sorry. Jenna’s “helping” )

Rebecca was very lucky, in that for my recent B-day, I got a handmade doll sleeping bag from my Gramma. ( thanks, Gramma! ) Therefore, she has something to sleep in. Now. Onto A Tale Of Four Groovies!  The Groovies being Brynn, Fiona, Lanie, and Cecilia-Faye! Kay. We’ll start with Brynn, who is the last addition to the Rowland family! Brynn Trini Rowland is such a pretty name….Anyway! So, Brynn nearly didn’t come home with us because there was a superfreaky doll with a HUGE head blocking her cute little face. Brynn is a Trini doll, but the second version, which I prefer. Her hair comes in  two adorable little braids, and  the pink highlights are awesome! Well, she was too cute so I bought her, and Libby, Danika, Samuel, and Amalina are glad I did.

Now. Bring on the Fiona!

Fiona is a Fleurabella Groovy, and she definitely  has the most colourful hair thus far! My mom got her for me when I was away at camp a few days ago, along with Cecilia-Faye! Fiona ( please don’t call her Fifi, she thinks it makes her sound like a poodle ) is Andrea’s sister, and her full name is Fiona Analise Mint. She loves fashion and dooding caricatures with Andrea.


Lanie is a Groovy I actually got about a week ago, around the same time I got a Groovy TENT! ( yuppo, A TENT! ) Lanie is Cecilia-Faye’s sister. She was an Andie doll, and she is poseable which is super cool.

Finally, Cecelia-Faye, also called Faye, Cecilia, Cecile, or Cece.

Cecilia is a Princess Peony Groovy, and she is Lanie’s sister. Her full name is Cecilia-Faye Rosie Hamilton! More on her soon!



The SDBG gals













































































































































































































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