MORE Groovies & Happy ( Late ) V-Day!

Yup, I forgot to do a Valentine’s Day post. Oh well. Enjoy a Sorry-I-Missed-Valentine

‘s-Day photo. Hopefully next year I’ll remember…and It’ll be super cool-looking!


20160102_011324672_iOS - Copy - Copy - Copy
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sera says Happy Valentine’s!

In even more news, I should have a new photostory up sometime this week. ( mark that on your calendars, people! ) Buuut…..I have no time to spare right now, so we won’t go into detail with that. Plus, who doesn’t like a surprise???? Anyway, yes, I got even MORE Groovies. Cora Kate ( originally Selia )  and Kinzey are their names. They are not sisters, but Ariana and Kinzey are sisters. As of yet, poor Cora doesn’t have any siblings. I set myself a true challenge when I took on Kinz’s hair, though. One of the little pigtail things that were in pink threads ( if you want to know what I mean, search “Groovy Girls Kinzey Wikia” ) had been cut. I solved this dilemma by cutting off the pink thread which was still attached, because it made her look like, well, ….I’m not sure, but one was long, one was chopped off, and it just looked horrible. So, I took scissors to the pink thread and cut it, and I washed her hair, and now she looks much better. One thing I was really excited about was, Cora is poseable! Yay!






The SDBG gals


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