Meet….A Lot Of Groovies…(one, two, three…)

in this post I will be introducing the Groovy Girls Fenia, Kami, Kelsie Ann, Tomiko, Rey, Vincent, Sandra ( Sandy ), Jana, Ginger, Sidnee, and a bit more about Cora Kate and Kinzie.



is a Fenia Groovy from 2008, and she is Kyrielle’s sister. She loves Mortie, her rat, and loves the beach! I got her when I got Seraphina, so she’s been waiting a while for this post.


is a Kami Groovy from 2001, and she is a sister to Tomiko, Kelsie Ann ( who is her twin, because they are the same doll ), and Kishiko! She loves iced tea and really enjoys cake, especially red velvet! She was gotten a while ago.

Kelsie Ann:

is a Kami Groovy from 2001, and she is a sister to Tomiko, Kami, and Kishiko! Kami is her twin. She loves frisbee and her puppies Lolo and Raine Bowie! I got her today, from my mom!


is a Tomiko doll from 2002, and she is Kishiko, Kami, and Kelsie Ann’s sister. She loves Kala her cat and also loves the zoo! My mom got her for me today!


Rey is a Analise doll from 2007, and her brother is Vincent. ( they are twins! ) She likes her friend, Danika, and really loves Ted her cat. I bought her yesterday.


Vincent is a Rock Around The Clock Billy from I’m Not Sure What Year. Rey is his twin sister! He loves Minecraft and his cow R2 D2. My mom got him and Sandy for me a few days ago.

Sandra ( Sandy )

Sandy is a Rock Around The Clock Suzy Q. Cora Kate is her younger sister, and she loves video games and her two fish Bob and Nibbie. My mom got her and Vincent for me a few days ago.


Jana is a Jana Groovy Girl from 2000. She is the only one I have so far from 2000, and has a different face from the rest of them. She has no siblings, and she loves cacti and most plants in general, plus tea. I bought her yesterday.


Ginger is a Zelma Groovy Girl from 2008. She has no siblings yet, and she loves rainbow Loom bracelets and really enjoys comics and ballet. i bought her yesterday.


Sidnee,  originally a Sidra doll is often called Sid and is from 2001. She has one sister, Kennedy, and she loves gargoyles and is ALWAYS making stuff, generally rugs.

Cora Kate is now Sandy’s younger sister. her full name is Cora Kate Ashalynn Windsor!

Kinzey is now Ariana’s sister. Her full name is Kinzey Lulu Harrison.

That’s it for now,

The SDBG gals


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