Sidnee’s Story

so, Sidnee’s Story…my fairytale-like version of how she arrived a my house. Sidnee is a Groovy Girl introduced last post!


“Sidnee, go and play outside!” My mom called from the kitchen. Great. I wasn’t happy about that, but I didn’t complain. I quickly stuck my “Rapunzel” bookmark into my book and peered out the window. Ick. It was raining, hard, and fog clouded my view. Oh well! “Kenn, wanna come?” I called to Kennedy, my younger sister as I slipped on my boots and raincoat. “No thanks Sid. I’m helping Momma!” was the faraway reply. I had already stepped out the door, anticipating her answer. Kennedy was a total introvert. It was actually pretty out. The weather was cool and misty in a way I loved. I could barely see the rolling mountains, considering they were nearly hidden from view by a glossy coat of rain-mist. It looked like a scene from Harry Potter! I let the wind gently whip my face. It felt good. Suddenly, I saw something in the distance. Not a person, nobody would go out in this weather. I felt compelled to it, like a magnet to metal. So I started walking towards it,  skeptically and slowly at first, faster and faster, until I stood in front of the portal-like thing. After only a few seconds, being the person I was, I jumped into it.


After that, she’s transported to the thrift store where I got her.


You shall meet Kennedy, a Groovy Girl I got today, very soon.



the SDBG gals








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