“Evacuate!” : A True Story

Today at exactly 7:30 PM. the dolls of The House On the Street were shocked to find that the top of the window closest to their living quarters had been dripping for an unknown amount of time. When they realized how dire the situation could be for them, they called city officials, ( me and my brother ) and we quickly evacuated them. ( this actually happened. ) Saila, Whimsy, Jenna, and Ginny were the only ones who actually had to be evacuated as theirs were the only beds close enough to be affected by “The Danger Zone”. They were very relieved to be safe from the dreaded “My Eyes Won’t Close Because I Got Water In Them”. However, they still worry about their home and the sisters left in it. ( this story was written March 5, 2016. )



An Original, Completely True story by The Author Of smalldollsbighearts.wordpress.com

here are the evacuated individuals reports on what they think of the recent disaster:

Jenna: ( awestruck ) “that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my WHOLE LIFE!!!!

Me: “Of course it was”

Ginny: ( squeaky ) “uh, uh, that was really really really scary.”

Me: “Oh Gin, I know it was”

Saila: “Well I was scared, but we’re safe now and so are our sisters, and that’s all that matters right? Always keep calm and carry on!”

Me: “That’s the spirit!”

Whimsy: ” I didn’t get wet, so I’m good.”

Me: “Glad to hear you weren’t that phased.”

I’m so glad my dolls didn’t get wet! You’ll meet Kennedy two posts from now.

The gals at SDBG


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