An Important Letter

Saila, Whimsy, Jenna, Meadow, Skye, Ginny, Brianne20151227_232736000_iOS - Copy

Here is a picture of my dolls when I only had 7 of them. Now, I have 9, soon to be 10. Soon to be? Yes, dear readers, I ordered another doll. Here is the story of how my dolls found out.

Jenna crashed into the doll’s bedroom. “Guys, look at this!” she said breathlessly. “Oh, calm down.” said Saila, the philosophical sister, as she took the letter from Jenna’s hands. However, even the most peaceful and calm of the 9 girls took a sharp intake of breath when she read the paper in front of her. “Oh my goodness.” she said as she collapsed onto her bed. ” Lemme see!”exclaimed Whimsy. Meanwhile, Meadow had gone to Saila’s side cooing things like “It’s okay, darling, don’t get so worked up”. “Oh..OH! How exciting!” trilled Whimsy as she too read the paper. “Are we finally getting that gorilla you wanted?” said Ginny jokingly. “Sadly, no. Read it yourself!” Whimsy said to Ginny between handing the letter to Ginny and nearly yelling the whole surprise to everyone. “Well.” was all Ginny could say before dancing around the room doing a little jig. “Oh, I’m dying, please can I see?”said Brianne. “Of course.” said Ginny, only stopping to hand Brianne the letter to keep jigging merrily.” Oh, this is wonderful!” said Brianne as a happy grin spread over her face. “Skye do you want to see?” asked Brianne. While Skye read the letter, Meadow  peeked excitedly over her shoulder, often making little “Well, this is grand!” statements. Skye too was dancing with Ginny by this time and Meadow was handing the letter to Rebecca and Seraphina, whom started making some pancakes for this great celebration.

“A new sister! Named Zinnia! What a great surprise!” said Meadow ecstatically.


I have decided to keep you guys in the dark about which doll I ordered until I get her, but if you want to, guess in the comments.


The 9 soon to be 10 dolls at SDBG




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