Kennedy Jean Miller

Hi! Kennedy Jean Miller here! You would probably not guess that I am 6 years old from the quality spelling of this sentence:

dinosaurs, specifically the apatosaurus, are very amazing. BUT. That’s only because Mom goes through the post when I’m done and makes my spelling look good. Because that sentence used to look like this:

Dynoosores, spahsifficlee the apatoosoreus are very Amzing.


So never hire me to check your possible-failing-grade paper for mistakes. Ever. I like gerbils. And unicorns, but I am the only person in my family to have claimed to have seen Uberto Unicorn start prancing in the middle of Sobeys. In fact, my whole family seems to be oblivious to Uberto. Except that’s only because they don’t wanna look “insane”. My very knowledgeable older sister, Sidnee, told me this. I don’t know what insane means, but I’m sure it’s a good thing. Uberto is my friend. And NOBODY INSULTS UBERTO ON MY WATCH. Except I don’t know how to tell time or have a watch.


Kennedy J. Miller

that was my Kennedy! She is a new Groovy Girl who is 6.

she was originally a Kelsie Groovy.

the SDBG gals


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