Photos! Photos! Photos!

Yes, finally. New, never-seen-before photos! I hope you’re excited, because I sure am to show you them.

20160124_021442297_iOS - Copy - Copy

This is Rebecca the night I got her. My Gramma made the pj’s!

And, now, a photostory! This is how my dolls met Rebecca.

20160125_041947227_iOS - Copy - Copy

Skye: yak, yak, yak

“Ding Dong!”

20160125_042037746_iOS - Copy - Copy

*answers door* Skye: It’s a package.

20160125_042058457_iOS - Copy - Copy

Meadow: What’s in it?

20160125_042434255_iOS - Copy - Copy

Whimsy: Open it, for goodness sake!

20160125_042441053_iOS - Copy - Copy

Seraphina: Is there a bomb in it?

20160125_042509351_iOS - Copy - Copy

Ginny: I sure hope not!

20160125_042925186_iOS - Copy - Copy

Whimsy: Sorry to rain on your parade, but it’s too late for bombs. In fact, it’s a hat.20160125_042944228_iOS - Copy - Copy

Saila: Ooh, cool hat! Is there anything else?

20160125_043035244_iOS - Copy - Copy

Meadow: A pretty necklace and a teensy bag.

20160125_043200188_iOS - Copy - Copy

The hat was a thing of great interest.20160125_043233331_iOS - Copy - Copy

20160125_043701369_iOS - Copy - Copy

20160125_043650590_iOS - Copy (2)

Rebecca: Hi! That’s my hat, and uh, *giggle* it’s not supposed to be like that.

20160125_043628215_iOS - Copy (2)

Everyone: collective gasps, “who is she?s” and one “what????” from Whimsy.

20160125_043701369_iOS - Copy (2)

Brianne: Hello! I can’t see.

20160125_043758724_iOS - Copy - Copy

Skye: Rebecca, how did you make it?!? Guys, this is my friend Rebecca.

20160125_043817889_iOS - Copy - Copy

Hugs ensue.

20160125_044426258_iOS - Copy
“Then, I time-traveled to Arabia, where I met my pal Lawrence.”

And that’s how they met Rebecca!


The SDBG gals






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