Merida The Great

I have the BEST hair


Hey, people! Merida here! I’m gonna show you some photos of some dolls I know. And, no, I promise you I will not make this whole post about me. let the photos begin! ( captions by me )

20160102_005857703_iOS - Copy - Copy - Copy
I’m amazing.

Hey, look! Me again! You go, girl!

Spring Colours!

Oh, it’s my friend Whimsy. She is nice. Did you know that Mom’s Mom made that dress?

Mags, be cooperative. C’mon look over here!

I know these people, too! They are my cousins, Magpie and Eliza. Except Mags isn’t looking at the camera.

Box therapy is for YOU

And, last but not least, Rebecca lounging in boxes. Thank you adoring fans! Merida has left the building.

I hope you liked the photos, I had fun taking them.

The SDBH gals


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