The Girl Who Was Confused

“Where am I?”

I hear voices. They say: “Look, she’s awake!”

I open my eyes. I see people, all with kind faces.

Where am I?

I say, “Where am I?”

Where is Mona?

What am I doing here?

Then, somebody, a girl with curly hair and friendly eyes, says “You are okay now. Mom fixed you up. Your previous owner, Mona, cannot take care of you anymore. Our Mom took you in. You are our sister now.”

Who is Mom?

Why can’t Mona take care of me anymore?

I have sisters. I am excited!

I say, “Why am I in a bed? I want to get up.”

A different girl says, “You had a bit of nail polish on your face, but you are OK now. Are you hungry? I will get you something. You can get up if you want.”

I get up.

A new life.

New friends.

New house.

New happiness!

explanation coming soon.

The SDBH gals….and the mystery girl.



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