My New Blog + Groovy Girl Photos

Yes, I have a new blog! I am going to keep posting on here still, of course. The URL is

the name of the blog is!

And yes I finally have Groovy Girl photos. Yahoo! And here they are:


Sandra ( Sandy ) Windsor


Lanie Hamilton


Cora Kate Windsor ( and Penny the dog )


Ariana Harrison




Rey ( Hee hee. I love Star Wars! )


Kennedy Jean Miller

20160307_014439339_iOS - Copy

Cecilia-Faye Hamilton

20160307_014431803_iOS - Copy

Fiona Mint

20160307_014427202_iOS - Copy

Andrea Mint

20160307_014418927_iOS - Copy

Kinzey Harrison

20160307_014414928_iOS - Copy

Libby Rowland

20160307_014410530_iOS - Copy

Pearl Eldridge

20160307_014404996_iOS - Copy

Brynn Rowland

20160307_014344225_iOS - Copy

Ginger Mali

20160307_014337179_iOS - Copy


20160307_014332472_iOS - Copy

Danika Rowland

20160307_014327340_iOS - Copy

Samuel Rowland

20160307_014322475_iOS - Copy

Amelina Rowland

20160307_014317357_iOS - Copy


20160307_014313068_iOS - Copy

Marta-Rose Eldridge

20160307_014309966_iOS - Copy

Sidnee Miller

and keep in mind that’s not even ALL of em’ yet.

Here are some other photos:


These photos of Merida turned out GREAT.

Tomorrow, expect me to

(a) not post at all. I’m sick, which is not good.


(b) post a photoshoot of Rebecca. She is very photogenic!

The SDBH gals….and the mystery girl! She will be revealed soon!



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