Let’s Talk: American Girl’s GOTYs

Today I thought it would be fun to talk about AG’s GOTYs, or Girl Of The Year’s.

So far, they have had:

Lindsey ( 2001-2002 )

Thoughts on Lindsey? I honestly think she is cute, but I tell myself I don’t really like her, because if I ever do, I’ll end up wanting her. And she is practically impossible to get.

Kailey ( 2003 )

Kailey is okay. She is cute, but I don’t find that I like her all that much.

Marisol ( 2005 )

Marisol is super cute! I will never get her ( again, even if I did find her , like, on Ebay or something, she’d be super expensive.

Jess ( 2006 )

I love Jess’s face mold! Her dark hair makes me love her. Somehow, she reminds me of this year’s GOTY, Lea.

Nikki ( 2007 )

love Nikki, because she looks a lot like my Skye. However, Skye sadly doesn’t have cute freckles.

Mia ( 2008 )

Mia is super cute! I love her hair colour…..I’m a sucker for redheads/orangeheads!

Chrissa ( 2009 )

Chrissa is okay, but not a favourite.

Lanie ( 2010 )

Lanie is adorable! I think her eyes and curly hair make her AWESOME!

Kanani ( 2011 )

I LOVE KANANI! She is not my total favourite ( that’s Saige ) but I think her hawaiian theme is super awesome!

McKenna ( 2012 )

eh…I’m not really into gymnastics.

Saige ( 2013 )


Isabelle ( 2014 )

I remember when Izzy was the GOTY! She’s okay.

Grace ( 2015 )

I liked Grace for her freckles!

Lea ( present-day )

I like Lea, but will probably not get her. ( I would if I could, but don’t have any money right now. )

The SDBH gals


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