Well, Easter is here. This is my 63rd blog post, along with my first Easter blog post….so don’t expect anything fancy. Maybe some photos tomorrow. Emmett, the new cat, is cuikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ( Oop. Sorry about all those “k”s. I hate it when your cat jumps onto your keyboard, LOL! ) ANYWAY. That was supposed to be:

Emmett, the new cat, is currently on my desk so I have a tail in my face now.

Back to the whole Easter thing.

I don’t celebrate Easter that much. I mean, there’s chocolate, and eggs, and bunnies, and all that. But especially because I am sick this year ( yuck ), my dolls didn’t do much of anything. As I said, tomorrow maybe some photos.



The SDBH gals

20160321_020200211_iOS - Copy
Plus a cat, this one named Frank. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady and proud of it.

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