Life Of An Orange by Jenna and Ginny S.

Jenna and Ginny decided they wanted to write a long poem about, well,

Life Of An Orange

a poem by Jenna and Ginny Likas  ( not their last name, but I say my doll’s last names are the same as mine, so I couldn’t show it )

An orange am I,

All fat and round,

Looking so a-peeling!

But don’t eat me please,

I’ll beg and plead,

And kiss your feet,

And though it’s said I’m meant to eat,

I’m really not,

I promise!

For I,

Am a different kind of orange,

Than all those other guys,

I’m made of wax!

So I pity the fool,

Who tries to eat me up!



Ta-Da! And now Jenna wants me to tell you that it didn’t rhyme because she didn’t have the time do make it rhyme since she caught a nasty cold.

The SDBH gals


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