Photo Problems Of the Annoying Sort

You know what’s wrong with these photos? At first glance, NOTHING. But the problem is that they’re not new! I took these about a month ago! My mom’s computer ( where I get my photos from ) is acting a bit strange, so you may have to see some not-so-new photos.

Here are some ones I love…..

20160318_180058022_iOS - Copy

How it goes all fade-y in the corner is so cool! I highly recommend using blankets as backdrops. I got that idea from Kara at hellodollieblog, from her awesome “Today Is Our Birthday Post”!

On March 14th, the ever-so-bubbly Zinnia joined our family! She’s so photogenic, I love her face!

And here is a tiled mosaic of our lovely Ginevra! ( In case you’re confused, her and Ginny are the same doll, but Ginny is her nickname! )

And that’s all for now! Special thanks to Kara for giving me that idea.

The SDBH gals

here is a collage of NEARLY everyone, but I couldn’t get AJ to sit still for a nice picture…..oh well!


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