Locked From The Inside-Part 1


I blinked.20160402_195039000_iOS

The hazy stars I knew weren’t really there started to go away. My eyes were itchy and my heart throbbed for reasons I didn’t yet know.


I sat up and examined the world around me. There was a large wood door straight ahead. I knew at a glance I had been here before…..but when……and why?


I saw a bed and a nice-looking girl out of the corner of my eye. At least I wasn’t alone. I had been for most of my life, it seemed. But…..fog and a haze so thick it would scare a pirate made my memory go clunky. I had been there! Or had I? I had seen that! Or had I?


AUTHOR SPEAKING: Yes, that’s the start of my new photostory! I hope you enjoyed it. The idea is to keep you guessing!





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