Q & A with AwesomeSauce9000

AwesomeSauce9000 is my brother, in case you were wondering. And today we’re doing a slightly doll-related Q & A with him!

who is your favourite doll?



She is the sportiest!

What’s your Easter Bunny stuffed animal’s name? ( This is a good one, guys. )

Jerry Rice. ( Answered with most dignified face possible )

Here’s a pic:


Jerry Rice is the yellow bunny, and AwesomeSauce is wearing his hat from Vietnam!

What would you start talking about if you could say anything right now?


Can you try to name all of my dolls? Hint: there are eleven!

I was just about to say Skyla. Okay, okay..Skye, Jenna, Brianne, Rebecca, AJ, Seraphina, Saila…I give up!

Well…good enough. One last question: Can you tell me which doll I got first and which one I got most recently?

Uh…Brianne annnnd AJ?

Yes! Nice job and thanks for joining us, AwesomeSauce. For those of you watching out for it, the next part of Locked From The Inside will be out soon!

The SDBH gals ( plus AwesomeSauce and Jerry Rice )


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