Jenna: Unleashed

Hello! It’s Jenna, as you can tell from the title. And mom, next time you’re making up a title, try to make me sound less like a crazed poodle. Today, I’m just here to tell you a bit about…ME! Just so ya know, Mom says the next part of the photostory will be up soon. She has to get some more storage on her picture-taking device first, though. The worst part for me about acting is all that make-up! Luckily, in this photostory, I don’t have to put any on. ( Mom wants to tell you that she would NEVER actually put make-up on her doll’s faces!  That would be horrible! ) I like to act, but the dressing up is a bit stressful. I also don’t like frilly frocks, or pink bows. I’m a tomboy ( as you can probably tell ), and I’m more into climbing trees than sewing on a rainy day! ALSO, last night I COULD NOT sleep. It’s a disadvantage of living with ten other human beings. Ever had one of these things happen to you????

1. Who’s snoring? I can’t sleep when someone’s snoring! Except I can’t say “Who’s snoring” out loud! Other girls are asleep! Maybe I’ll just worm my way out of bed to see who’s snoring. OW! Great. Now I’m on top of Ginny!

2. Moooom! You’re reading too late! Couldn’t you have not gotten such a bright light???

3. Your bunkmate 

A: starts to have a nightmare. Ug.


Thank you, adoring fans,

Jenna Margaret McAlister 


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